About Us

Untitled-1Karaca Konf. Aks. San. Ltd. company establishhed in 1971, indicating services in the field of metals, textiles and accessories it is one of the industry’s leading organizations.

The European market for textile companies to focus on companies in the early 2000s in Germany, Sweden, Spain, France, the Republic of Bulgaria is to directly export to Portugal. Customs Union countries to EU markets and to local textile company engaged in the manufacture of apparel serves without compromising the quality discipline.

Starting out with ‘’unifying solutions’’ motto Karaca, buckles, hooks, rivets, buttons, eyelets, snaps, and all uniting cordends metal accessories such as zippers It is produced by specialized staff. Cut in production processes, printing, finishing, coating, All phases are as giving effect to perform with its own expert staff. Boutique production without losing the philosophy of modern industrial production is one of the features that makes it unique mission Karaca.